Our Counsellors

Polly Jennens

BSc (Hons) Psychology, MBA, PGDip (Person centred)
People come to therapy for all sorts of reasons and you’re certainly not alone if you are finding making the first move quite daunting… Read more

Jan Merrills

LL.B (Law), PGDip Integrative Psychotherapy
When we feel overwhelmed and unable to see the wood for the trees, we can quickly find ourselves… Read more


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    What our clients have said

    “I was first referred to meet Jan in 2016, and as we discussed my situation at that time I was feeling things were quite hopeless. For most of my life I have been a carer in difficult family circumstances. Jan really listened and put me at my ease, agreeing to meet weekly, and continued for several months. She helped me to understand how to recognise my reactions to situations and unhelpful patterns of coping Jan guided me through ways of finding a more positive thinking pattern for viewing different situations, which gave me a healthier sense of well-being. I found her calm and helpful whilst encouraging me to have a more positive belief in myself—Thank You”


    “I met Jan at a real crisis point in my life; overwhelmed and very close to a breakdown. With much care, compassion and guidance she allowed me to talk things through at my own pace, gave me much food for thought along the way and new tools for coping. She brought me back from the edge of depair. I cannot thank her enough and would highly recommend her services.”


    “Thank you so much Polly for listening to all my troubles, never judging me but always guiding me to find the right answers and believing in myself”


    “Polly I just wanted to say a huge thank you for being my listening ear – you have been a huge support to me. You are a wonderful counsellor and I wish you well”


    “I called Jan because for some reason I was not really happy I have a wonderful wife and family I have had and continue to have a very successful career but something stopped me enjoying all of this and I worried that my negativity was impacting my wife and children.

    Jan was great from the moment I called her she listened and understood. From the outset she set very clear expectations of what to expect and how she would help me but ultimately I had to do the hard work.

    Jan’s knowledge of the challenges of corporate life as well as her experience and expertise as a counsellor made me feel that she understood me and my situation.

    I would never have believed I would have engaged someone like Jan, it was something that other people did and I really couldn’t understand why I needed her help but I did and she really helped me.

    Through sensitive but challenging questioning and reflection we got to the why This allowed me to understand and accept how I felt. With this understanding and practical support techniques I am changed and happy which has had a massive impact on my life as well as my wife’s and family’s.”

    – Richard – Stratford Upon Avon

    “Polly – thank you for listening, for your advice, for your patience and most of all for your caring”