Do you find it hard to say no?

One of the most common situations which results in clients coming into therapy with me is where they have taken on too many responsibilities many of which, more often than not, were not theirs in the first place and which eventually left them feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, unable to sleep and very often reliant on antidepressants. They find it hard to say no, they have difficulty letting others take responsibility or make choice for themselves, they think they have to take control of situations as others cannot be trusted.

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Sometimes Single Session CBT is all that is needed

I’m surprised at how often just one session with a client is all that is needed to deal with the issue that has brought them to therapy.Its usefulness has its limits but is most helpful where a single issue needs a speedy and practical solution. To that extent it can be said to be a collaborative, solution focused approach.

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Why do couples leave seeing a counsellor until their marriage or partnership is in trouble when they could seek help to keep it out of trouble?

A troubled marriage or relationship has until recently still been a taboo subject. So much so that even our own closest friends and families will often present a permanently  harmonious front to convince us and themselves that all is well in their world when in fact they are usually fooling no-one and their relationship is in truth anything but harmonious.

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Counselling via Skype

Before the advent of online counselling and telephone counselling , physical presence in the counselling room would have been deemed essential to achieve a successful therapy outcome. Now, however, as people spend increasing amounts of time online the counselling profession has needed to adapt in order to meet the demands for a more diverse range of counselling services delivery.

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